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Broken news: struggling to find facts in the Twitter maelstrom


As with Hurricane Sandy, the Boston Marathon bombings, and countless other major stories, news of todays shooting at the Los Angeles International Airport was sometimes muddled with misinformation. A hoax tweet led The Globe and Mail to report that outspoken ex-NSA head Michael Hayden had been shot and killed by a radical Christian group, and an errant LA Times story spread news that the shooter had been a TSA employee, and that he had been shot dead — both claims that were later refuted. But while its a truism that the world of fast-paced Twitter sound bites have created a powerful but dangerous broadcasting tool, todays games of telephone raise a fairly simple question: how do you organize a coherent story from small, nebulous, or outright incorrect bursts of information? NBC put out a six-word breaking story, and an audience spread it

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MONDAY, MAY 21, 2018



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