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iPad 2 Spam Targets Gmail Users


Just a heads up that the following missive is dropping into mailboxes right now related to “winning an iPad 2″, courtesy of a site called mygmailrewards(dot)com:

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Where will the website in question send you? Well, it’s region specific so depending on where you’re located when visiting you may end up at this survey page offering up all sorts of Apple products:

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Elsewhere, you might land on the following “this website is dead” splash:

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To be fair I now know what both hardbanding and plugbuster completion bits are. So there’s that.

The spam seems to be annoying a fair few people, going off some of the feedback being posted online and after a bit of digging around, I found it was detailed previously on Hoax Slayer. There’s a couple of other Apple themed scams listed on Snopes, so you may want to familiarise yourselves with those ones too. You haven’t won an iPad, but you may just have avoided signing up to a bunch of third party offers you can do without which seems like a much better deal all round.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Kevin Church for sending this over)

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