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Malware delivered with fake Craigslist fax-to-email notifications


If you receive such a message containing an HTML page attached, don’t open it.

The email pretends to come from “craigslist – automated message, do not reply <[email protected]>” and has the subject ”Efax Corporate”.

What I find interesting is that the fraudsters didn’t even bother to write JS code to

detect if the script runs in Internet Explorer or not. They write now in the email’s text

“View attached fax using your Internet Browser.” and in the attached document

<h2><b>Please wait a moment… You will be forwarded…</h2></b><br>
<h4>Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox compatible only</h4><br>

So, the malicious payload runs in Firefox as well… Of course, since JavaScript is a standard these days.

The attached document contains a malicious java script code which would download malware on your computer.

All Avira products detect this as “HTML/Redir.EB.8” and “JS/Column.EB.18”.

Sorin Mustaca

IT Security Expert

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FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2018



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