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New Release of Our Free Android Permissions Dashboard


F-Secure App Permissions, our Android permissions dashboard, launched on November 1st. And in just under one week, there are thousands of installs and extremely positive feedback. Thank you! The developers are very pleased and have been busy implementing some additional features based on the input. Today they released version 1.2.5.

Here’s what’s new:

What's New

Some screen shots of the app:

App Permissions 1.2.5 App Permissions 1.2.5

App Permissions 1.2.5 App Permissions 1.2.5

Best of all – App Permissions requires ZERO permissions.

It’s totally free, small, and easy to use.

You’ll find it on Google Play: F-Secure App Permissions.

Please give it a try, and for those of you who already have, additional feedback is very welcome. Cheers!

P.S. We’ll discuss more about App Permissions during tomorrow’s webcast.

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THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018



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