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Malware Crypters – the Deceptive First Layer

Malware Crypters – the Deceptive First Layer


Recently, two suspects were arrested for selling Cryptex Reborn and other FUD tools (helping to install malware in a Fully UnDetectable way). Today, we will study some examples to make sure that everyone knows what this type of tools are and why they are dangerous. We will also present some example of identifying and unpacking a malware crypter.

Crypters – what are they?
Most modern malware samples, in addition to built-in defensive techniques, are protected by some packer or crypter. A crypter’s role is basically to be the first – and most complex – layer of defense for the malicious core. They try to deceive pattern-based or even behavior-based detection engines – often slowing down the analysis process by masquerading as a harmless program then unpacking/decrypting their malicious payload.

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