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Ztorg Trojan: Infect yourself for 5 cents

Ztorg Trojan: Infect yourself for 5 cents


A lot of ads on the Internet promote easy ways to earn money. They tend to lead to fishy places — say, a post from an alleged mother of three who stays at home, earning several thousand dollars a day, and says you can do the same. But there are other ways to earn some easy money, too, that may seem much more plausible.

For example, some services offer to pay you for installing apps. The money amounts to pocket change — about 5 cents per app — but the work is pretty effortless, so some people find it attractive nonetheless. This kind of scheme is especially popular among children — install 50 apps and get a $2.50 to buy some gear for your favorite character in an online game.

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SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2018



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