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Fake jobs:,, and


Four new domains offering a variety of fake and illegal jobs, part of a very long running series of scam emails.

These fake domains have been set up to solicit replies to bogus job offers, including money laundering and other illegal activities. The emails may appear to have been sent from your own account, but this is a simple forgery and does not mean that your email account has been compromised.

The registrant details are no doubt fake:

    Alexey Kernel
    Email: [email protected]
    Organization: Alexey Kernel
    Address: Kreshchatyk Street 34
    City: Kiev
    State: Kiev
    ZIP: 01090
    Country: UA
    Phone: +38.00442794512 
All these domains have been registered in the past couple of days.

  1. Wisam September 13, 2011

    YEs true they are FAKE FAKE

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