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Fake jobs: and


Two new fake job domains, forming part of the long-running “Lapatasker” scam.

Emails from these domains may appear to be from your own email address (here’s why). They are registered to a no-doubt fake registrant:

Luc Metteran
    Email: [email protected]
    Organization: Luc Metteran
    Address: 6, avenue Kennedy
    City: Paris
    State: Paris
    ZIP: 17880
    Country: FR
    Phone: +33.0156402315 

The “jobs” on offer are illegal activities such as money laundering. If you have any examples of spam using these domains to solicit replies, please consider sharing them in the Comments. Thanks!

  1. Derek Jago October 13, 2011

    Two further fake sites:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  2. Nico Augustijn October 13, 2011

    Add to the list, registered through
    Same registrant, same MO.

    Email entered is not fake, but all mail sent to it is immediately discarded.

  3. Henri October 14, 2011

    How can I stop my address being used for these fake mails ?

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