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A bit of a shift in spammer tactics here:

From:     Mohit Girsh [email protected]
Date:     12 March 2012 11:54
Dubject:     Electronic payments are suspended #08763672
Signed by:
Id 57-8033394-13999809-0-895

< !–ZZ 81490908 C


hxxp:// redirects to hxxp:// which is multihomed: (BH Telecom, Bosnia) (Rostelecom , Russia) (2DAY Telecom, Kazakhstan) (Algerie Telecom, Algeria) (Unknown network, Algeria) (Armentel, Armenia) (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, Philippines) (PCCW, Hong Kong) (Rostelecom , Russia) (012 Smile, Israel) (Neostrada Plus, Poland) (Neostrada Plus, Poland) (2DAY Telecom, Kazakhstan) (Digital Network JSC, Russia) (Evgeniy Kondratyk, Ukraine) (Ufanet, Russia) (Ufanet, Russia) (Kazakhtelecom, Kazakhstan) (Hinet, Taiwan) (CAT Telecom, Thailand)

This redirects to: hxxp://

..which is an exploit kit (see this report) hosted by Nuclear Fallout Enterprises in the US (again).

A plain list of IPs in case you want to copy and paste into a blocklist:

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