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IRS spam /


IRS spam /

This fake IRS spam leads to malware on

From: Internal Revenue Service [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 17 September 2012 15:30
Subject: Your federal tax transaction has been not accepted

Your State Tax transaction (ID: 60498447771657), recently initiated from your bank account was canceled by The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.
Not Accepted Tax transaction
Tax Transaction ID:     60498447771657
Rejection code    See details in the report below
Income Tax Transaction Report    tax_report_60498447771657.doc (Microsoft Word Document)

Internal Revenue Service Ap #822-9450 Cum Avenue Edmond 33020 MI

The malicious payload is at [donotclick] hosted on (G Mobile Mongolia) which has been used several times recently for evil purposes.

At the moment, the following sites seem to be active on the server, all can be assumed to be malicious.

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