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“You requested a new Facebook password” spam /


This fake Facebook spam follows on from this one, but has a different malicious landing page at

From:     Facebook [[email protected]]
Date:     19 August 2013 17:38
Subject:     You requested a new Facebook password


You recently asked to reset your Facebook password.
Click here to change your password.
Didn’t request this change?
If you didn’t request a new password, let us know immediately.
Change Password
This message was sent to [redacted] at your request.
Facebook, Inc., Attention: Department 415, PO Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303

The link in the email goes to a legitimate hacked site which then tries to load one or more of the following three scripts:

The victim is then directed to a malware payload at [donotclick] hosted on (Secured Servers, US / Jolly Works Hosting, Philippines). This domain is a hijacked GoDaddy domain and there are several others on the same server (listed below in italics).

Recommended blocklist:

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