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Clients of the MangaGamer, a company distributing Japanese visual novels known as manga literature, have been announced that personal information about them may have been exposed as a result of a computer breach.The company announced its customers through an email communication that information such as email addresses, usernames, and passwords may have been compromised, as […]

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Now Twitch, which Google-owned YouTube is said to have snapped up (though neither company has confirmed), is making some major changes to its service: one aimed at keeping copyright lawsuits and takedowns at bay, and another that keeps past broadcasts from being stored on the service for the rest of time. Both appear designed at making it […]

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Too good to be true? A company with just one employee, no assets, and no revenue saw its penny stocks rocket to a $6 billion valuation this summer—enough for the SEC to shut down its trading and launch an investigation, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company, Cynk, runs…

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