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A 419 scam is currently hitting the inboxes of various users, posing as a message from none other than Justin Bieber, who supposedly wants to make a charitable act by donating incredible sums of money, but his mother wont let him.Although the emails are a poor attempt of a scam, there could be some fans […]

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Ive spotted a new variant of a 419 scam thats been making the rounds since December 2013. Recipients of the scammy emails are promised a large amount of money if they help an employee of a Dutch finance house transfer the funds of a wealthy Englishman who died. Those who reply to the emails are […]

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A couple of new 419 scam emails that leverage the death of Nelson Mandela are making the rounds. The bogus notifications purport to come from the former South African presidents granddaughter and the head of the Nelson Mandela Fund. The scam has been analyzed by experts from Kaspersky. The fir…

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