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For the past few months we have seen a gradual increase in server-level compromises. In fact, every week it seems we’re handling half a dozen or so and it continues to increase. It’s one of the reasons that I have started including this as a trend in my most recent Website Security presentations. Just last […]

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The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web warns Internet users of a new backdoor for Android. Android.Anzhu can implement a variety of directives received from a remote server, covertly install other applications and change browser bookmarks. Android.Anzhu is distributed from Chinese sites offering free software for Android. The backdoor is built into the legitimate program Screen […]

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(Note: This blog was written on September 2. We decided to postpone publishing it due to an ongoing joint effort to shut down servers and block domain names. The variant studied is not the latest but accurately reflects the functionalities of the threat.) Trojan.Bamital appeared in the summer of 2010. The threat really became prevalent […]

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