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But the latest version of Android is still far behind Jelly Bean, which reigns on more than half of all devices recorded.

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What can you do with 24 inches of Jelly Bean that you cant do with 10? Manufacturers like Acer, Asus and ViewSonic have been building oversized Android-powered devices for a couple years now; I was determined to find out why, so I spent a few weeks with AOCs own all-in-one. The hybrid external monitor will […]

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The good news is that the flaw only affects devices running older Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3) and KitKat (4.4) versions of the Android operating system: Android 4.1.1 through 4.4.2, and possibly 4.4.3 as well. In Android 4.4.4, released June 19, the bug has been patched. The bad news is that most Android devices cant get 4.4.4 […]

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