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With more than 2 billion active Android devices in the world, Google’s mobile OS is easily one of the most popular. With users actively using their mobile devices in all aspects of their personal lives and business activities, a lot of information is stored and managed by these Android devices. Consequently, cybercriminals have shifted their […]

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SMS-sending Trojans have been around ever since mobile devices became widely adopted, and they’ve been responsible for a huge number of racked up phone bills and premium number subscriptions, generating significant financial losses around the world. These types of Trojans are built for a single purpose – to generate revenue for cybercriminals by covertly infiltrating […]

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With more than half of the world’s population using a smartphone and with over half of the world’s web traffic coming from mobile phones, it’s understandable that 50 percent of users store their personal and private information on their smartphones, according to a Bitdefender survey* performed during April 2017. Teenagers aged between 18 and 22 […]

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