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Many users of Android devices sooner or later are tempted to root them. Here we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having root permissions on Android devices — and if your device should be rooted at all. Obtaining superuser access rights, popularly known as rooting, lets owners take full control of their devices.

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Research paper: “Subscribers remote geolocation and tracking using 4G VoLTE enabled Android phone,” by Patrick Ventuzelo, Olivier Le Moal, and Thomas Coudray. Abstract: VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a technology implemented by many operators over the world. Unlike previous 2G/3G technologies, VoLTE offers the possibility to use the end-to-end IP networks to handle voice communications.

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In April 2017 we started observing new rooting malware being distributed through the Google Play Store. Unlike other rooting malware, this Trojan not only installs its modules into the system, it also injects malicious code into the system runtime libraries. Kaspersky Lab products detect it as Trojan.AndroidOS.Dvmap.a.

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