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A team of anonymous developers who recently created a Linux rootkit that runs on graphics cards has released a new proof-of-concept malware program that does the same on Windows. A Mac OS X implementation is also in the works. The developers are trying to raise awareness that malware can infect GPUs and that the security […]

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F-Secure has uncovered an unusual kind of malware thats spreading through Twitchs chat feature, which theyre calling Eskimo. The virus starts with a simple phishing scheme, claiming the target has won a phony raffle and offering a bad link to confirm. If users click the link, theyll be infected with the malware, which logs into […]

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Zemot dropper is a strain of the Upatre malware downloader that has been observed by security researchers to benefit from multi-distribution points that include both compromised websites and the Asprox/Kuluoz spam botnet. Microsoft noticed activity from TrojanDownloader:Win32/Upatre.B back in late 2013 and determined that it was preferred by cybercriminals for the distribution of a two […]

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