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When network administrator James Lockmuller bought 11 dirt-cheap Android phones via Amazon he thought he had a perfect solution for communicating with his warehouse team stretched across a 73,000 square-foot campus. He installed only Skype on the devices and planned to use the $50 BLU Studio X8 HD phones as high-end walkie-talkies on a Wi-Fi […]

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On Monday, Cisco and Piriform – the Avast-owned company behind the popular CCleaner utility – announced that certain versions of the software have been backdoored by hackers. In today’s update on the situation, Avast CEO Vince Steckler and CTO Ondrej Vlcek said that the hackers were likely already in the process of hacking into the […]

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We live in a reality of continually multiplying attack vectors. Hackers are using increasingly brazen methods to break past perimeter defenses, using stolen credentials and backdoors, phishing, spyware and malware, brute force, and more. Once attackers have successfully breached a network, they typically have plenty of time to do significant damage. According to the Verizon […]

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