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The TrickBot Trojan, a banking malware believed to be operated by an organized cybercrime group, has been the most active financial Trojan in the wild all summer. For some perspective, while other malware operators were much less active in the summer months, TrickBot was three times more active than Dridex in terms of campaigns and […]

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The source code for a powerful Android malware program that steals online banking credentials has been leaked, according to researchers with IBM. The malware family is known by several names, including GM Bot, Slempo, Bankosy, Acecard, Slempo and MazarBot. GM Bot has been sold on underground hacking forums for around US$500. But it appears someone […]

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Cybercriminals are taking advantage of an organization that issues free digital certificates, sparking a disagreement over how to deal with such abuse. On Wednesday, Trend Micro wrote that it discovered a cyber-attack on Dec. 21 that was designed to install banking malware on computers.

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