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A bunch of Bluetooth vulnerabilities are being reported, some pretty nasty. BlueBorne concerns us because of the medium by which it operates. Unlike the majority of attacks today, which rely on the internet, a BlueBorne attack spreads through the air. This works similarly to the two less extensive vulnerabilities discovered recently in a Broadcom Wi-Fi […]

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A series of vulnerabilities recently found in the Bluetooth communication protocol, used by billions of smartphones, laptops, PCs, and IoT devices around the world, could be exploited by attackers to compromise popular operating systems without any interaction from the user. By compromising the Bluetooth communication protocol, over-the-air, an attacker could perform man-in-the-middle attacks or remotely […]

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Researchers disclosed a bevy of Bluetooth vulnerabilities Tuesday that threaten billions of devices from Android and Apple smartphones to millions of printers, smart TVs and IoT devices that us the short-range wireless protocol. Worse, according to researchers at IoT security firm Armis that found the attack vector, the so-called “BlueBorne” attacks can jump from one […]

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SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018



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