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Cisco Senior Security Researcher Brad Antoniewicz often gets asked whether those who take people’s computers hostage with ransomware actually hold up their end of the bargain and decrypt files when victims pay by bitcoin. “They’re in it to make money…Good customer service is important to these people,” he said, and not at all tongue in […]

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Following the WikiLeaks massive Vault 7 data leak, a new critical remote code vulnerability affecting 318 Cisco Systems switches has been revealed. While the data leak allegedly comes from the CIA, the vulnerability is very real, and Cisco has already issued an advisory for it. The vulnerability involves the Cisco Cluster Management Protocol (CMP) that […]

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It’s a bad week for all things network security as Cisco spewed out 20 Security Advisories and Alerts – two critical and three high-impact – that customers should be aware of and implement patches where they can. Cisco, like other big enterprise vendors, regularly issues security warnings but 20 in one day is an unusual […]

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