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The Bitcoin community has been urged by some of its most prominent members to do more to achieve “technical consensus” over security and scalability. More than 30 developers and contributors involved with the virtual currency – also known as cryptocurrency – have come together to submit an open letter calling on influential figures and organizations […]

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Over the last two years, LG has established a storied history of collaboration with Google. The two companies have worked together on three devices (two Nexus smartphones and a Google Play edition tablet) and today were hearing about the fourth — a smartwatch. LGs latest piece of handywork, known as the G Watch, features Googles […]

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Symantec is observing an increase in spam messages containing .gov URLs. A screenshot of a sample message is below:  Traditionally, .gov URLs have been restricted to government entities. This brings up the question of how spammers are using .gov URLs in spam messages.The answer is on this webpage: is the result of a collaboration between […]

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