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The U.S. National Security Agency has hacked into Huawei Technologies servers, spied on communications of company executives and collected information to plant so-called backdoors on equipment from the Chinese networking manufacturer, according to reports published over the weekend.

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A total of 37 South Korean financial company executives have offered to resign following the massive data breach in which an engineer from the Korea Credit Bureau stole and sold the personal and financial details of 20 million cardholders. According to the Wall Street Journal, the KCB engineer is said to have stolen the details […]

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(Or, How Money Makes the Web Go ‘Round) May is an important month in the IT security industry because it’s the anniversary of one of the most fearsome viruses ever: the ILOVEYOU virus, also known as the Lovebug. Back in 2000, it was a very big deal because it created a new way of infecting […]

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