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An allegedly Egyptian hacker going by the name ViruS_HimA has allegedly hacked into Adobe.According to himself, he’s made off with a largish database of personally identifiable information.ViruS_HimA, who also goes by the name adam in his email address, has leaked what he says is a subset of the stolen data, aimed at giving some credibility […]

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Naked Security reader Simcha Jessel sent us a tip about a new phishing scam targeting customers of Comcast XFINITY cable internet service. Jessel became aware of the scam after the scammers used his Gmail address to send the scam to their intended victims. It is unclear whether his Gmail was hacked or just forged in […]

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The December 2011 edition of the MSRT includes detection and clean-up for the Win32/Helompy Family. Helompy is a worm that propagates by copying itself to the root of removable drives, and its main payload is to record account credentials and login information and send them to a remote server, where the attacker could retrieve them […]

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