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Cryptocurrency mining service Coinhive is again in the news for misuse by a customer, this time involving handset maker Blackberry. Apparently, someone hacked into the company’s global operations website and used it to steal visitors’ computing power to mine Monero – a digital currency. Read More

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No longer just the province of geeks, cryptocurrencies are starting to affect the lives of ordinary people much more than many ordinary people are inclined to think. Even if you don’t use cryptocurrencies yourself, you are not immune to some of the problems associated with them. Read More

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Ultimate Fighting Championship ( is the latest service to come under fire for running Coin Hive’s Monero mining scheme, using site visitors’ CPU power to mine cryptocurrency for a fast buck. After The Pirate Bay ran a test to see if it could monetize traffic without ads by using JavaScript cryptocurrency mining code, UFC stands […]

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