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The cybercriminal’s options for monetizing attacks has never been broader, less complex, or less risky, and attempts to detect intrusions by detecting the malware they use has never been more pointless, a study commissioned by Arbor Networks has revealed.

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Router manufacturer TP-Link recently fixed a vulnerability in a discontinued line of routers that if exploited could have been used to execute code on the device. Researchers at Senrio, a firm that specializes in IoT security, uncovered a logic vulnerability in a configuration service present in TP-Link’s PTWR841N V8 router models.

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University College London, one of the U.K.’s prestigious public research universities, has closed off access to personal and shared drives after a ransomware attack was detected late Wednesday afternoon. University officials said this morning that this was a web-based infection, reversing claims made in the early hours of the attack that the ransomware was executed via a phishing email attachment.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017



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