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A hacker that goes by the name “BestBuy” admitted to a German court on Friday that he was behind an attack last year that knocked close to 1 million customers of German ISP Deutsche Telekom offline. The suspect is a 29-year old British man who is only identified as “Daniel K.”

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A breach of a Kansas Department of Commerce system exposed more than 5 million Social Security numbers to hackers, according to a report from a local news outlet. The Kansas News Service obtained information through a public records request that revealed that roughly 5.5 million Social Security numbers from individuals in 10 states were accessed in the data breach in March.

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Hackers hijacked CoinDash’s initial coin offering Monday, stealing $7.7 million in cryptocurrency from the nascent trading platform. The attack occurred during a 15-minute period for “whitelist contributors” prior to the public ICO. During that time, the hackers were able to compromise the CoinDash website and swap out the CoinDash Token Sale address with one under their control.

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