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WikiLeaks released documentation on another Vault 7 hacking tool used by the CIA for large cyber-espionage operations.
Dated December 2013, the 12-page document describes an Android malware, internally known as HighRise, hidden in an application named TideCheck.

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Barely a month goes by without new reports of a country engaging in cyber espionage or other technology-enabled attacks. As the internet of things propels us towards a completely connected world of exponentially growing data there is every chance your organization will be interesting to attackers – including from nation states. There’s a growing realization […]

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News emerged last week that a hacking group known as The Equation Group had itself been hacked by a separate group known as the Shadow Brokers. The release by Shadow Brokers of what now seems almost certainly NSA hacking tools is significant not because it happened, but why it happened. If the hacked Equation Group […]

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