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A brand new ransomware family currently being distributed through the Magnitude exploit kit appears to be targeting South Korean users exclusively, security researchers have discovered. Dubbed Magniber, the threat checks the language of the compromised systems and only fully executes on machines featuring the locale identifier string 0x0412, which is the identifier for Korean, Trend […]

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The TrickBot Trojan, a banking malware believed to be operated by an organized cybercrime group, has been the most active financial Trojan in the wild all summer. For some perspective, while other malware operators were much less active in the summer months, TrickBot was three times more active than Dridex in terms of campaigns and […]

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A backup of a database containing information on Windows systems compromised via a maliciously modified version of the CCleaner software utility has provided investigators with a clearer view of the incident. The backup was created on September 10, shortly after the attackers discovered that the server holding the original database ran out of space. On […]

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