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Cybercriminals behind the Locky ransomware have revamped the malware’s code three times in 30-day period and blasted out massive spam campaigns. According to researchers at Trustwave, the latest variant of Locky ransomware is called Ykcol (that’s Locky spelled backwards) and was part of a Sept. 19 spam blast targeting 3 million inboxes within a three-hour […]

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Ransomware has had a banner year so far. Two major attacks — WannaCry and NotPetya — have caused, conservatively, hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, while cybercriminals continue to target users’ systems and data. Proactive companies, however, do have options. The most consistent defense against ransomware continues to be good backups and a well-tested […]

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Cybercriminals have an extensive history of conducting attacks that cast a wide net hitting as many people as possible. Nearly everyone has received emails from a wealthy foreign banker, a Nigerian prince offering to pay you an exorbitant sum of money, or from a sketchy drug company offering a new drug that promises to revolutionize […]

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