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ESET researchers have found that Turla, the notorious state-sponsored cyberespionage group, has added a fresh weapon to its arsenal that is being used in new campaigns targeting embassies and consulates in the post-Soviet states.

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Russian-speaking cyberespionage group APT28, also known as Sofacy, is believed to be behind a series of attacks last month against travelers staying in hotels in Europe and the Middle East. APT28 notably used the NSA hacking tool EternalBlue as part of its scheme to steal credentials from business travelers, according to a report released Friday by security firm FireEye.

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CSO – Does Iran’s espionage threat have teeth or are they a toothless entity? We hear a good deal about Iran and their espionage and cyberespionage escapades. We also hear, perhaps more frequently, how Iran is also designated as a state sponsor of terrorism. Looking more at the former, without ignoring the latter, let’s see what we need to worry about.

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