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Welcome to our new series: interview with a malware hunter. In these Q&A sessions, we’ll take you behind the scenes to get to know our malware intelligence crew. Without further ado, we present our first victim, researcher, and blogger Pieter Arntz.

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You might know that Kaspersky Lab turns 20 this year. For a cybersecurity company, 20 years is not young. We’ve grown from several programmers sitting in a tiny office into one of the world’s leading infosec companies, with offices all over the world.

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Most of that spam was coming from the Necurs botnet, which is currently considered the world’s largest spam botnet. However, in late December 2016, the network’s activity almost ceased completely and, as time showed, it wasn’t just a break for the festive season.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017



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