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Cyber risk is such a hot topic, I think, because the world has gotten very complicated in cyber-security. We have point solutions, we have network point solutions, we have endpoint solutions, we have endpoint protection, detection, remediation, the list is endless.

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What kind of malware is hitting industrial control systems, and how worried should we and the operators of theses systems actually be? IT security teams unused to ICS environments are helping potential attackers by not recognizing legitimate ICS software and flagging it as malicious. This software thus unintentionally ends in public databases, where adversaries might […]

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Barely a month goes by without new reports of a country engaging in cyber espionage or other technology-enabled attacks. As the internet of things propels us towards a completely connected world of exponentially growing data there is every chance your organization will be interesting to attackers – including from nation states. There’s a growing realization […]

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