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There is no denying that data is invaluable. It underpins everything we do, especially being in the digital age. If anything happens to any of our servers we use backup copies to restore lost data. We use data to make decisions; some simple and others life changing e.g. using data to develop cures for illnesses. […]

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In today’s sophisticated IT world, relying on simple username and password authentication is no longer enough to ward off the growing volume and variety of cyber-attacks. Because multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires multiple methods for identification, it’s one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized access to corporate data. At the same time, however, MFA must […]

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Apple released patches for several exploits that could allow maliciously crafted applications to destroy apps that already exist on devices, access their data or hijack their traffic, but a large number of iOS devices are still vulnerable. The vulnerabilities allow for so-called Masque attacks because they involve the impersonation of existing apps or their components. […]

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