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A group of what appears to be Chinese hackers infiltrated a U.S. trade-focused lobbying group as the two countries wrestle with how they treat imports of each other’s goods and services. The APT10 Chinese hacking group appears to be behind a “strategic web compromise” in late February and early March at the National Foreign Trade Council, according to security vendor Fidelis Cybersecurity.

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The notorious hackers behind a string of banking heists have left behind a clue that supports a long-suspected link to North Korea, according to security researchers. The so-called Lazarus Group has been eyed as a possible culprit behind the heists, which included last February’s $81 million theft from Bangladesh’s central bank through the SWIFT transaction software.

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As Naked Security readers will be aware, tech support fraudsters have recently taken a real shine to customers of TalkTalk, a British internet service provider.

As many attest, they just won’t leave TalkTalk customers alone, cold-calling them on a scale the BBC recently described as “industrial”. Needless to say, this is not good.

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