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It is becoming clear that the Equifax breach may be the most significant and damaging network security breach in history. It is estimated that half the population of the United States was affected. With personal details, including social security numbers and driver’s licenses, being leaked, the shockwaves of this breach will be felt for years […]

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How many times can we hammer home that making backups is critically important? Well, experience shows time and again that people think the process is complicated and put off making it a part of their daily, weekly, or monthly routine. How should you make backups? What must you back up?

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Saturday evening is a big night for the UK National Lottery, as draws are made and jackpot winners discover that they are newly-made millionaires. It’s no wonder that many people choose to gamble a few pounds on a Saturday evening, in the hope that they might be the lucky ones. Yes, you could go to […]

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