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The death of antivirus has been prophesied for years now, but the AV industry is still alive and kicking. SentinelOne, though, believes that in-memory resident attacks, i.e. fileless malware, just might be the thing that pushes it into oblivion. They base their conjecture on the results of the attack detections made through over a million of SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform agents, deployed in enterprise environments across the world.

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There has been a flurry of research into using the various sensors on your phone to steal data in surprising ways. Here’s another: using the phone’s ambient light sensor to detect what’s on the screen. It’s a proof of concept, but the paper’s general conclusions are correct.

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Researchers at Endgame have been evaluating an exploitation technique called Counterfeit Object-Oriented Programming (COOP) to bypass Control Flow Integrity (CFI) implementations such as that used by Microsoft to harden the defenses of Windows 10.

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