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A few months ago, a group calling themselves “Europe v. Facebook” emerged. This group consisted mostly of Europeans who were sick and tired of how Facebook allegedly violates a person’s privacy and keeps more data about the user than was originally intended. The group, headed by law student Max Schrems, filed 22 complaints with Ireland‘s […]

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In the face of an ocean of users demanding their personal data as required by European Union law, Facebook has sharply constricted the amount of data it’s handing over. Instead of sending CDs, Facebook is now directing users to a page where they can download a personal archive, but that archive is now covering only […]

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The group Europe v. Facebook seems to have opened a floodgate of disturbing revelations against Facebook, one of them being the possibility that Facebook creates ‘Shadow Profiles’ for all its members, and even those who have yet to register themselves. This allegation is one of the 22 complaints that the group filed against Facebook and […]

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