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They say that the more you witness something, the more normal it becomes. I opened Twitter last week to see yet another mega-hack from hell in the form of the Equifax breach; the breach exposing around 143 million US customer accounts and quite likely a further 44 million UK ones too. The Equifax breach is […]

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Digital transformation projects are all about providing a frictionless and convenient user experience, reducing operational costs, delivering enriched application capabilities while enforcing data privacy and protection standards. The latter, as we know, is easier said than done. Especially since one of the cornerstone technologies of virtually every digital transformation initiative is mobility, namely anywhere, anytime […]

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This season’s featured cybersecurity nightmare may be ransomware, but breaches of all kinds are going up in both numbers and cost. In response, security vendors are offering sophisticated — and costly — solutions to defend against evermore sophisticated attackers. However, the most effective protective measures have nothing to do with specific software and everything to […]

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