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Seen in the wild last July 2012, PE_MUSTAN.A spreads around less secured networks and is known to target systems with weak passwords. Its roots can be traced from WORM_MORTO.SM that proliferated a year before. While this tactic of brute forcing its way around the network is not new anymore, PE_MUSTAN’s presence proves that supposed secured […]

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W32.Morto first surfaced in August 2011 causing a stir when it targeted weak passwords on Remote Desktop Protocol Connections in order to propagate across networks. W32.Morto.B, the new variant, now has the ability to infect executable files on a compromised computer. Let’s take a look at the infected files in a bit more detail. Figure […]

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Microsoft released a set of five bulletins, patching 29 total software vulnerabilities. Multiple remote code execution holes are being patched, but the two most urgent are the Internet Explorer and Remote Desktop Protocol updates. Almost half of the 29 vulnerabilities being patched this month are maintained in versions 6, 7, 8, and 9 of Internet […]

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