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Last week, Apple showed that it is getting more serious about security by turning all strict about the version of Flash you’re allowed to use in Safari.OS X users received an automatic update via Apple’s basic threat protection system, Xprotect, to lock old Flash player plugins out of your browser. If your browser is Safari, […]

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Most rogue antivirus software displays an interface that is predominantly in English, with some presenting a few other European languages as well. However, this month one of the families added by MSRT is Win32/Onescan, a Korean fake antivirus scanner that is the most prevalent of the Asian language-based rogues.   Recently we noticed that several […]

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Android.FakeInstaller is a widespread mobile malware family. It has spoofed the Olympic Games Results App, Skype, Flash Player, Opera and many other top applications. This is not news in the mobile malware world, the FakeInstaller family is one of the most prevalent malware that we have analyzed. More than 60 percent of Android samples processed […]

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