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To start the new year, we have added the Win32/Ganelp and Win32/Lefgroo families of worms to the January release of the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Win32/Ganelp spreads via removable drives, uploads stolen information and downloads arbitrary files from remote FTP servers. We have had detection signatures for this family for approximately 2 years and it continues to […]

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Malware writers have devised lots of social engineering tactics to lure users into their scheme. This time around, we saw a Trojan passing itself off as a Trend Micro component as a way to trick users into downloading and executing it.We recently encountered a file and noticed the following properties (see below). For the untrained […]

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Looks like some scammers had a bit of a mix-up while counting out their cash on a gold plated yacht. Click to Enlarge Here’s the contents of the mail. The text in bold is a not-very-subtle clue: “The UPS Office“: Order: SD-5468-482485468 Order Date: Monday, 2 December 2012, 11:23 AM Dear Customer, Your parcel has […]

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