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IDN homograph attacks belong to the #phishing strategies. Usually the bait emails include a spoofed (homograph) internationalized domain name (IDN). Creating such IDNs is based upon the identical appearance of different logical #characters. Also known as script #spoofing, the hacking technique uses different characters for the fake URL, yet this is visually undetectable and thus […]

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We recently came across a compromised website pushing out a payload that belongs to the Pushdo botnet, a botnet reportedly controlled by a well-funded Eastern European Cybercrime group. This botnet has often been closely associated with the Cutwail spam botnet. In the past, the Cutwail group would spam out payloads for the Pushdo botnet, which […]

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We have been fighting the W32.Changeup family of worms for a long time and have written about it many times   Figure 1. W32.Changeup prevalence   One characteristic of W32.Changeup is that it is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and the viral part of its program code is seen in the program file, but […]

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