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“Modern web browsers such as Chrome or Edge improved security in recent years. Exploitation of vulnerabilities is certainly more complex today and requires a higher skill than in the past. However, the attack surface of modern web browsers is increasing due to new technologies and the increasing complexity of web browsers themselves,” noted Markus Vervier, […]

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As part of its monthly security update cycle, Microsoft on Tuesday released 11 security bulletins to resolve multiple vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, JScript and VBScript, and .NET Framework. Microsoft’s security bulletin MS16-084 resolves 15 bugs in Internet Explorer (IE), most of which are Critical, highly likely to be exploited in the wild. The […]

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Microsoft’s February 2016 Patch Tuesday updates include a total of 13 bulletins designed to address dozens of vulnerabilities in the company’s products. It’s worth pointing out that one of the bulletins, MS16-022, fixes the 22 Flash Player flaws resolved by Adobe on Tuesday. The Microsoft bulletin patches the Flash libraries used in Internet Explorer 10 […]

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