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DERBYCON – Earlier this month, Salted Hash deconstructed a Phishing email that had bypassed company filters and made into the general inbox. The email focused on an outdated company subdivision, and was easily spotted as a scam. However, we’ve since learned the message itself could be part of a larger campaign that has been targeting […]

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People expect their email to be private between them and the recipient, but in reality, the contents of your email are exposed during transmission. Full end-to-end encryption would mean that only the receiver of the email can decrypt their messages, but sharing public keys and agreeing on a common encryption standard can be tricky for […]

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has for years been one of the very dependable security technologies that was invoked to address high-risk scenarios — whether to safeguard enterprise resources accessed through the firewall, financial accounts, or — for high-value targets — protect each email login. Most people, to the extent that they spend time thinking about the […]

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