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Over the last few years, business email compromise (BEC) scams have rocketed — costing victims $1.45 billion in 2016 alone (FBI report). Now a new related threat has emerged — the mortgage phishing scam — that seems likely to follow a similar trajectory. It is early days and the scam — like BEC in its […]

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Tech support and IRS scams have become as common as random emails proclaiming that you’ve won the lottery, or emails from prince in some foreign land who wants to share their wealth. The IRS scams start with a voice mail threatening a lawsuit or arrest, and the tech support scams will sometimes appear at random […]

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Britain’s parliament shut down external access to e-mail accounts on Saturday following a cyberattack. Parliamentary authorities described the attack as “sustained and determined”, in an email sent to lawmakers and published by the Daily Telegraph. “Earlier this morning we discovered unusual activity and evidence of an attempted cyberattack on our computer network,” it read. “Closer […]

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