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Businesses dragging their heels over rolling out TLS 1.2 on their website might have an excuse to delay a little longer: Version 1.3 of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocol will be finalized later this year, and early deployments of it are already under way. TLS, the successor to SSL, is used to negotiate […]

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Between 5 and 9 June, 6 suspects were arrested and 36 were interviewed during an internationally coordinated operation in 6 European countries. The targets are all suspected customers of a counter anti-virus platform and crypter service – two cybercriminal tools used for testing and clouding of malware samples to prevent security software solutions from recognising them as malicious.

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Pacemakers continue to be the front line of medical device security debates after a research paper published this week described a frightening list of cybersecurity issues plaguing devices built by leading manufacturers, including a lack of authentication and encryption, and the use of third-party software libraries ravaged by thousands of vulnerabilities.

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