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National politics being what they are, the news in our part of the world is rather narrow and self-absorbed these days. Thus, the media here wasn’t too impressed by a story out of China a few days ago about a piece of malware called Swearing Trojan. Named for some Chinese profanity embedded in comments in the code, Swearing Trojan is big news in China.

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In the last week, I saw several articles stating that users are responsible for most ransomware infections. It is a very specious argument in that, yes, a user inevitably has to click on a link or download a file that then is activated and encrypts the hard drive. There are no common worm-like ransomware variants that infect systems without user interactions.

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The U.S. Department of Justice yesterday argued that it should not have to reveal the maker of a tool used last year to crack an alleged terrorist’s iPhone or disclose how much it paid for the hacking job, court documents showed. That tool was used last year by the FBI to access a password-protected iPhone […]

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SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2017



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