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The energy sector in Europe and North America is being targeted by a new wave of cyber attacks that could provide attackers with the means to severely disrupt affected operations. The group behind these attacks is known as Dragonfly. The group has been in operation since at least 2011 but has re-emerged over the past […]

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W32.Disttrack is a new threat that is being used in specific targeted attacks against at least one organization in the energy sector.  It is a destructive malware that corrupts files on a compromised computer and overwrites the MBR (Master Boot Record) in an effort to render a computer unusable.  W32.Disttrack consists of several components: Dropper-the main […]

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Symantec Security Response is aware of recent reports of Madi, a Trojan used in targeted campaigns and observed in the wild since December 2011.The following is an email example, discovered in the Madi campaign, which included a malicious PowerPoint attachment: Figure 1. Targeted email containing malicious PowerPoint In one example, opening the PowerPoint attachment displays a series […]

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