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Yale University’s Privacy Lab is calling on Google and Android app developers to increase transparency into privacy and security practices related to dozens of trackers built into popular Google Play apps such as Uber, Tinder, Skype, Twitter, Spotify, and Snapchat. Read More

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Salesforce is getting into the computer vision business with a new tool designed to let users easily train a custom image recognition system. Einstein Vision, as it’s known, allows users to upload sets of images and classify them in a series of categories. After that, the system will create a recognizer based on machine learning […]

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A new report claims that half of all American adults have their images stored on law enforcement databases. The report, titled “The Perpetual Lineup,” from the Center on Privacy and Technology at the Georgetown Law Center released Tuesday criticizes what the authors’ call the unchecked use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement. The authors […]

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