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Recently, Facebook announced a pilot program in Australia to block its users from uploading or sharing non-consensual intimate images, colloquially referred to as “revenge porn.” In conjunction with activists and the Australian eSafety Commissioner’s Office, this new program would create a digital fingerprint of these images and block matching images before they are uploaded or […]

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We’ve all heard about cases when someone’s ex reveals their intimate photos online without their consent. Even celebrities are not immune, and their leaked images keep tabloids well fed. For most users, the release of such private images — revenge porn — can feel like the end of the world, and in fact, a few […]

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Some time ago, an antivirus expert from our Global Research and Analysis Team, David Jacoby, discovered multi platform malware that was distributed through Facebook Messenger. A few years ago, similar outbreaks were occurring quite often, but none have appeared lately; Facebook was doing a lot to prevent similar attacks. First, a preliminary report was published. […]

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